Thursday, October 1, 2015

A Hot Chocolate and Candle Day

It is amazing how much the weather can change! Just a few days ago, it was so warm and humid, we were wishing we still had the A.C. unit in our bedroom. Today I have all the windows closed and my nose still feels cold. 
   I am finding it very hard to get motivated this morning. I gave the kitchen and family room an over the top cleaning, just enough to make it look better and cleaned out a few cupboards. As I was sorting through the contents Lia said, "You made a big mess, now you will have to clean it all up!" Wonder where she heard that? I also put a load of towels in the washer, since I don't have a clothes line right now I wash when I have enough laundry for a load. 
   Later I got out the crayons and set out to color with Lia but she decided that simple coloring is too boring so she chose the crayons and told me what to color with them. Then I helped her write her name. It was a spur of the moment idea and she was all for it. She did amazingly well for her first attempts.
   We split an orange. Lia ate her's with kebob sticks, then we read some stories.... and now it is finally 12:00 and my day has taken a turn for the better! The sewing machine repair shop called and said my machine is ready to pick up! I have 5 dresses for the girls that I cut out and put in plastic freezer bags so I don't lose the pieces. Amazing how much I feel like sewing when I don't have my machine!
     It is a candle and hot chocolate sort of day.

Lia gives her hot chocolate a thumbs up!

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