Wednesday, October 7, 2015

It Will Be Okay -Trusting God Through Fear And Change


A friend gave me this book to read to my children, it is about trusting God through fear and change and while it is written on a child's level, it spoke to me as well.
     How many times in life do we think, "If only I knew how this situation would turn out," but God has not given mere humans the ability to see into the future, instead he calls us to trust. Trust, even when we do not know what the outcome will be.

   This book is about Little Seed, who lived in the farmers comfy wood shed and his friend Little Fox. One day the Farmer came and took Little Seed from his safe comfortable home and planted him in a deep, dark, messy place. Little Seed was terrified, he wanted to trust but couldn't see how being in such an awful place could ever be a good thing. Sound familiar? It does to me. God took me out of my comfortable safe and routine life and planted me in the messy world of infertility, foster care and mental illness. I wasn't happy, nor was I comfortable.

Little Fox mourned the loss of his friend and hunted for him until one day he heard a voice from beneath the ground saying, "Here I am!" Little Fox wanted to comfort his friend and tell him everything would be okay but he didn't know if Little Seed really would be okay. Sometimes there isn't anything we can say when a friend is going through a hard time. Sometimes their pain is so great, words seem trivial at those times a hug and a whispered, "I am praying for you," will go further than you can imagine.

   After the Farmer planted Little Seed, the book reads: But the Farmer was good and the Farmer was kind and the Farmer was always watching over them even when they didn't know it. How like our Heavenly Father who watches over us, even when we can't feel him.

  One day the Little Seed sprouted and was reunited with his friend Little Fox. He eventually grew into a large tree and provided shade for his friend. Little Seed learned he was never meant to be just a Little Seed in a dusty shed, the Farmer had bigger plans for his life.

  God obviously never meant for me to spend my time on earth enjoying my comfortable routine, he had more plans for my life. He has more plans for you as well, when life looks hard, dark and messy remember that there is a Father watching over you. A Father who is good and kind, a Father who is always watching over you even when you don't feel his presence.

  We know that God uses the trials we face, to strengthen our faith and draw us closer to him. Knowing that, doesn't make it easier when we are in the midst of dark, messy times in life, times when we cannot understand how God could bring glory to himself from our pain. 

   You can buy a copy of the book here.

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