Monday, November 16, 2015

Blessed By Others

    Braden and the help we sought for him has always been a controversial subject, but one Dean and I, especially me, need to talk about so we can understand and process what we are experiencing.      The subject was met with a variety of responses; skepticism, doubt, pity, sympathy and the list goes on. Not that we blame anyone for their response, we responded the same way to some of the things that happened before our eyes, wondering if what we witnessed was in reality or a dream. 
   Because of our previous experiences, we were hesitant to share that Braden would be moving to a new family, even though we knew we were making the best choice for him. When your heart is hurting it is scary making yourself vulnerable to further pain. Last night I was pondering this and God impressed upon my heart that this fear was the very same fear Braden faced. The fear of rejection, the fear of further pain, only he didn't have a support system ( well, he did, he just didn't view us as such!) like Dean and I do. People we can go to, people who will pray for us, share their concerns and no matter the outcome, will support  and walk alongside us. I can't imagine going through life without that. Add to it the fact that Braden is just a child, one who trusts no one and it is very easy to see why he struggles.
   All that to say, we have been so blessed by the outpouring of love, prayers and support in the past weeks. People have gone out of their way to show they care and it has brought us to our knees in thankfulness time and again. What did we do to deserve such blessings? Thank you to everyone who reached out to us, may you be richly blessed!

Flowers from our church family

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