Thursday, January 7, 2016

Getting To Know You Adoption Talk Link Up

   I am joining the first adoption talk of the year, entitled Getting To Know You.  Here is the link if you wish to contribute a blog post in the future.

 Hi, I am mom to four wonderful little people. One by birth three by adoption. We dove into foster care head first. Our bio son was 4 when we received Kiana who was our first placement. She was an adorable little girl with a head full of curly hair. We fell in love with her. Her case was an easy one and we felt we had this whole foster thing down pat so we took in two little boys, Joseph 6 months and B 17 months. Kiana was 8 months at the time so it was sort of like having triplets. Tristan at four took to being a big brother like a duck to water. In 2012 we received another placement, a little sister for Kiana. Lia was doted on by her big brothers and sister, who thought it was wonderful to have a baby in the house.
      Our journey through foster care hasn't been easy our children suffer from the trauma they experienced in their early years but in spite of it all, we can say we are blessed. 
      Sadly B, who came to us at 17 months and whom we later adopted no longer lives with us. He faced huge challenges, way beyond what we could safely and fully meet with four other children in our home. We worked with an agency to find him a family that could give him what he needed, without those things his future looked very dark.



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