Friday, January 8, 2016

Lia and Joseph, Best Friends and Worst Enemies

      We have revamped Josephs school schedule which means he spends more time at home. It also means my two youngest have more time to argue. Joseph has the largest vocabulary but Lia knows how to use the words she has to her benefit. 

   The argument of the morning was, "Did Baby Jesus cry?" Joseph says no. Remember the song Away In A Manger says, "No crying he makes." Lia says he did cause when we went to Journey To Bethlehem, the baby filling in for Baby Jesus cried. They were both right and both wrong but neither could understand the others point of view.

     Joseph likes to play farm with his tractors and Lia likes to play doctor. Both children wanted their sibling to play with them. I tried having them play one thing for awhile and then switching but that wasn't very successful.
    Joseph tried to butter Lia up by asking her to help him with his United States puzzle, which Lia did. He even showed her the equator around the United States. :) Each state on the puzzle has picture's of things the state produces or is known for. The children were discussing which places they would like to visit. I heard Joseph say to Lia, "You want to go to Texas? That is where they catch wild bulls and pull milk from them!"

    When they were finished with the puzzle she told him, "Now let's go play doctor."
      He said, "If you come back to my bedroom and help me get my tractors, I will let you pick one to play with."
      "If you play doctor, you can be the sick person and I will give you candy for pills," was her counter offer.
    Neither was persuaded to join the other so I told Joseph to get a book and Lia to doctor her doll.

      This morning Joseph complained that his foot was hurting. He often has aches and pains when he wakes up so I wasn't alarmed. He came to me and said, "Mom, I wish I could chop my toe, no my whole foot off but I can't."
   I played along and asked him why not.
   "Because Tristan read a story about a man who had only one foot and he died."
   Guess that would be a logical reason to keep ones foot. :)

            I found a big bag of Thanksgiving Foam art at a local discount store. It kept these little folk occupied for awhile.

This quote sums up Lia and Joseph's relationship quite well!
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