Friday, January 29, 2016

Snowstorms, Stress and Swings

A cup of milk before bed

Is it possible the cold snowy weather was affecting them?

How many stethoscopes does one doctor need?

We have been struggling to regain lost ground the past week. The snowstorm triggered a lot of anxiety especially since Dean was gone all day Sunday plowing snow. 

When bedtime rolled around and daddy wasn't home the behaviors went through the roof. I should have seen it coming, but I totally missed it.

 Kiana was beyond reasoning and I wouldn't tell me what was wrong. After awhile she asked if I was sure daddy would come home. Then I knew what was troubling her so I called Dean and he told her good night and gave her a kiss through the phone. He promised her he would come home and he would give her another kiss before he went to bed. That was all it took to stop the tears and defiance.
Lia and Joseph couldn't verbalize their feelings but having their schedule messed up played havoc with their security. 

Kiana is struggling with loving me and her birth mom. She doesn't think she can be loyal to her birth mom and love me at the same time. I can't imagine how confusing it must be for her. While one part of me empathizes with her, my human side gets frustrated with the blatant disobedience and defiance she throws at me.

This morning I read an article Toxic Stress and I realized anew why my children react so strongly to situations that are merely a blip on the radar for most children. It also explains why their reactions to these situations create such huge reactions in me. I strongly encourage you to read this article it is excellent, explaining things in layman's language so we can understand it. 

Kiana spinning in circle's on the swing, a great sensory activity. I can't even watch her, it makes me too dizzy but she loves it.
Our swing is a cheap hammock that we bought and tied the ends together and attached to a beam.

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