Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Lia's Doctor Appointment and A DIY Wreath

 Lia went to the doctor for her yearly physical last week. Lia loves all things "doctor." Her doctor kit is among her most prized possessions and she has her sights set on being a doctor someday.


 Lia wanted to take her doctor set along but I convinced her to take her Lea*p Pad instead. As we were driving home, Lia said, "Mom, they forgot to take my blood pressure!" My little girlie is in the 6th percentile for height and the 18th for weight. Last night Kiana said her teacher brought a scales to school as they were learning about weight. To her dismay, she is among the lightest in her class. "It takes so long to gain weight," she moaned. I can't say I agree with her. :)

This wreath is my latest project. My friend has one and I took a liking to it so I took notes on how it was assembled and made one for myself. My friends wreath used sheet music paper but I substituted pages from a devotional I no longer use. Take the top and bottom of the paper and bend them toward the center, then press firmly to form a crease. I used a wire floral wreath form and hot glued the papers around the inside wire. The edges of the paper were touching slightly, then I simply went around with another layer of papers placing one where the corners of the bottom papers met. Quick an simple.


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