Friday, April 8, 2016

Therapists & Dentist Appointments

     Monday morning found Joseph and I in Lancaster for his first therapy appointment...except that his therapist no longer practices there. I hope my mouth didn't drop open when the secretary casually said, "Joseph's appointments were cancelled because R no longer works here," but hastened to add, "We have another therapist that has an opening if you want to bring Joseph tomorrow." Sorry, but no thanks. I wasn't interested because this wasn't the first time I went to this office only to discover my child's appointment was cancelled. So the "Great Therapist Hunt," continues.

   On Tuesday Kiana had her second appointment with her therapist. I forgot how difficult it can be to learn to know a new psychologist. It was hard for Kiana to talk about her "big feelings" with someone she barely knew. I drove home feeling weary, seems I also forgot how tiring attachment therapy is.

    On Wednesday Lia and I ran a bunch of errands. We had a Members Meeting at church in the evening and as things were going well in the morning, I had high hopes that we could all attend the service. The children weren't home from school 20 minutes before I knew that wasn't going to happen. Dean, Lia and Tristan went while I stayed home and put the 8 year old's to bed early. When they came home from church, Dean said, "Never again will I take Lia while you stay home." She couldn't sit because she was so preoccupied with, "I miss mom."

    My sisters and I planned to spend Thursday at mom. Joseph had a bit of a rough day on Wednesday and by Thursday morning both his eczema and emotions were off the charts. I made some phone calls, cancelled Joseph's OT appointment and kept him home from school. My sister took Lia along down to mom so Joseph and I had a quiet, non stimulating day at home, exactly what both of us needed.

  This morning Joseph had a 10:00 dentist appointment to get his teeth cleaned. He hasn't been at the dentist since the time he spent 2 hours in the OR getting work done. Lia was recently at the dentist for her first cleaning and I overheard her telling Joseph how much fun she had. Joseph said, "Next time I go to the dentist I am going to pinch my mouth shut so they can't fix my teeth!" Dean and I exchanged a look, we were both thinking the same thing, "Uh oh, he has a dentist appointment in a few days!" 

    When I handed Joseph his clothing this morning, he asked where we were going. I told him that he has a dentist appointment, he promptly declared, "I am not going, I won't get dressed." After much noise and loud stomping, he decided it would be in his best interest to get dressed, the promise of french fries may or may not have helped him make up his mind. I shouldn't have worried, he did just great, best of all he didn't have any cavities so he won't need more work done.

 Joseph hates when I put cream on his eczema and tonight was no exception he jumped and yelled, telling me exactly what he thought about the process. When I was finished, I helped him into his pj's and gave him a drink. He gave me a kiss good night and trotted happily off to bed. "I love you," I called after him. "I know mom, I won't forget," he replied. Dean just shook his head. How can a child go from screaming at you to adoring you in less than a minute? 

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