Saturday, May 21, 2016

Cows Don't Have Rules

       We started summer vacation with a bang, by dumping hair solution in the toilet. If you can't express your feelings, try dumping something, it might help.


                 School is over, now to adjust to summer vacation...

                                           fall of 2015

   We had the oft repeated, "I hate rules," discussion with Joseph tonight. A keen dislike of rules is typical for children with FASD, most likely because they have a difficult time understanding rules. I have explained "rules" until I was blue in the face, so to speak and Joseph still thinks we make rules just to make his life hard.

  I should know better than asking Joseph why he did something because he seldom if ever "knows" without either Dean and I helping him to unpack his actions and emotions. A wise person said, "There are no dumb answers, just stupid questions." Meaning if for instance, your child is prone to lying, do not ask them if they did xyz, as that gives them an opportunity to lie. 

    Joseph was trying to think of ways to live without having to obey rules. He thought he could live in a house by himself but as he said, "That wouldn't be very smart, cause I want you (mom) to make me food." Then he said he wishes he was an animal instead of a person. According to him cows have it pretty nice since they don't have to follow any rules. Dean told him that there is an electric fence around our pasture so the animals do have rules, they have to stay away from the fence.

  "Well I don't know why anyone ever made rules," he huffed. When I told him that God made rules and he told us that as parents we need to have rules for our children, he got even grumpier. We ended on good terms, although he still thinks we put rules in place for the sole purpose of making his life hard.



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