Thursday, May 19, 2016

Sensory Beads, Stethoscopes And Summer Vacation

The 2015-21016 school term is almost history. Tomorrow is the Awards Ceremony and then...summer vacation begins! The children didn't have school today which gives the teachers time to finish grading and doing the year end reports. Summer vacation means Tristan and Dean get a break from home work. I can help Tristan with some of his questions but when it comes to math, I am lost. Thankfully his daddy understands it.

Lia loves all things "doctor." Dean bought a real stethoscope and blood pressure cuff for her to play with. She loves it! The rest of us are growing just a bit weary of her begging, "Please let me listen to your heart!"

Meet Hamburger, the newest member of the family.

Lia loves giving Hamburger his bottle.

Dean also bought three pigs, they don't have names though as no one grows overly attached to them!

Yesterday I went to Ikea and Olive Garden with a group of adoptive moms. We had a wonderful time laughing, sharing stories and encouraging one another. The children had early dismissal, something I forgot about when we were planning this shopping trip so Dean came home early in order to be here when the children get home. Kiana and Joseph were none to happy to find mom wasn't home. Kiana told me she thought this time I really did die. Sigh. She had therapy this week and it is not going well at all. I remind myself of all the therapists we tried before we found one that worked with some of our other children. Do we need to try someone else or is this just how she is going to be until she works through some of her trauma? When I took Kiana for her first appointment, the therapist told me that Kiana has what they call complex trauma, meaning she has experienced several traumatic events in her life which will make it that much more difficult to work through.

This morning Joseph had his weekly OT appointment. His therapist is very pleased with him, in fact she said he is doing well enough that he could discontinue therapy except that children with his disabilities tend to regress if they do not consistently practice the things they have learned. She recommended biweekly appointments and then a re evaluation soon after he begins third grade. I was more than happy with that arrangement.

I made this bead necklace for a friend. If your child has oral sensory needs try a Sensory Bead Necklace. The beads are BPA free silicone and the string is food grade nylon. They feature a non chewable plastic break away clasp so your child cannot strangle. 
10" necklace  $10 & 15" necklace $15 - prices do not include shipping. Choose from the colors shown below.

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