Sunday, September 25, 2016

Enjoying Life

We have been doing more than settling fears and thwarting rages around here, although you might not get that impression from my recent posts. The other week Dean told me I write a lot about the negative things that go down around here. He encouraged me to write about the good times as well.

    When the storms of anger and fear are coming at us nearly non stop it is easy for me to lose sight of joy and forget about the happy times, so I was glad for his reminder.  Here is a post without any of the heavy stuff, just pictures and little tales of family life.

We had a birthday party for these three friends. Lia, Annali and Jeralyn have birthdays within two weeks and we always celebrate together. 

The girls all excited to begin opening gifts!

Lia de-stressing after her birthday party.

Dean smoked pork for the party and we enjoyed pulled pork sandwiches for supper. I love when he does the cooking, makes preparing for company much easier on my part.

Lia and her two turtles had a tea party while I tried to get some housework done. She gets incredibly bored when the others are in school. Every day she asks, "Is this my school day?"

Playing doctor with the bunny she got from her friend Jeralyn. "Mom, her heart beats faster than a humans!"

Lia and her friend Kendra holding Fuzzy and eating cheese curls

Watching dad work.

Dean regraded our back yard


Scheduling, rescheduling, cancelling and confirming appointments... sometimes I threaten to hire a secretary!

Tristan watering the grass

Living in the woods means the children get lots of briers in their feet.

Fresh cinnamon rolls and coffee

The campfire we enjoyed tonight and of course we made S'mores

Hiking on the Horseshoe Trail, one of the children's favorite Sunday afternoon activities. 

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