Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Safety In The Lions Den

This past Sunday our Sunday School lesson was on Daniel and how he prayed to God even when he knew his life was in danger. As we discussed Daniels life, God put the thought into my head that when we, like Daniel, are in the lions den we may be safer spiritually. In our human flesh we tend to pray harder when we are in a place of danger, be it physically, spiritually, emotionally or otherwise. Prayer is what draws us to God, it strengthens our faith in a way nothing else can.

  This week has found me in the lions den regarding my children, their trauma and the role I have to, no I should say, I am privileged, to play in helping conquer their personal lions. 

I know God is in the details, he had me share the thought that perhaps we are safer spiritually when in the lions den, because he knew what this week would bring. He knew I would need something to hang onto when the lions roared.

Nothing that has happened this week came as a surprise, we knew it was inevitable but we weren't prepared to have everything come to a head at once, at least I wasn't. It doesn't help that I am weaning off of a medication that messes with my central nervous system. I have to wean a little more every 4-6 weeks and every drop leaves me feeling pretty awful.

As I was pondering this, I came to the realization that I can choose to view these difficult times as unfair or I can view them as a blessing. Today I will choose to walk close to God and be blessed, how about you?

 I Choose Joy! A Divine Encounter

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