Monday, October 24, 2016

A Bunny And A Lesson For Kiana

   On Friday evening we went to Green Dragon to buy a bunny for Kiana's birthday. Lia received a bunny for from a friend for her birthday and Kiana wanted one as well. Dean thought Kiana is old enough to be responsible for feeding and watering a pet, so we launched the "Bunny Project." 

Trying to choose a bunny. Dean bought three and Kiana had a difficult time choosing the one she wants.

Kiana was feeling rather grumpy yesterday morning. As I was combing her she said, "I can't wait to get my bunny and hold it close." I asked her how it made her feel when she held her bunny and she said she feels all warm inside. 
"How would you feel if your bunny bit or scratched you when you were cuddling it?" I asked. 
"That would hurt my feelings," Kiana mumbled.
"Did you know that when you are grumpy with me it hurts me? It hurts my heart, just like it hurts you when your bunny scratches you." 
Kiana wasn't very happy with that analogy but it did get her to thinking....for awhile.

Animals are often used to help children work through big feelings. Last night I was trying to help Kiana work through some things that were bothering her but she wasn't in the mood to listen. Dean suggested bringing her bunny in and letting her hold it while we talked and it worked! As she sat stroking her bunny, she calmed down and we could talk reasonably. Dean reminded her that no matter how much she messed up, she can always say she is sorry and start over. Poor girl, there was a battle going on inside, part of her wanted to remain angry at me and block me out while another part of her wanted to give in and let me comfort her. 
The battle raged for a few moments then her shoulders drooped and she whispered, "Will you help me?"
"Of course," I said. Kiana's words were music to me ears, she was asking for help!

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