Friday, February 17, 2017

Wading Through Trauma & Family Life

The past 24 hours have rocked my boat pretty hard. It started when the highly recommended attachment therapist that we have been waiting nearly a year to see, informed me she is no longer taking new clients. Last April Kiana's behavior deteriorated and she never fully recovered. We tried all the usual route's changing med's, doctors and therapy. The first therapist we tried was a no go. Kiana knows too much therapy lingo for her own good. She knew what the therapist wanted and responded accordingly. Sadly the therapist didn't catch on to the the fact that Kiana was manipulating her. I tried talking with this therapist but it just didn't work out so we quit. At that time I got Kiana on a year long waiting list with an attachment therapist. I knew it was long but prior experience has taught me that a wait list can be a good thing, because others obviously want this therapist as well. Dean and I hung on, thinking, "Only a few more months until we can get in with the therapist, maybe then we will get some answers." To have that yanked out from beneath us, was tough.

Joseph has been coming home from school wound tight and when he gets home, Wham! Kiana has been processing more of her story and she is ever so angry, Wham! When they are both acting out guess what little sister does? Yup, she begins creating chaos as well. Big brother sighs, mumbles and rolls his eyes, and mom feels like doing the same thing. 

Dean has been helping me get some plans in place and I have the number for a therapist who sounds awesome. The only catch? She counsels teens. At 9 Kiana isn't a teenager, although we do wonder sometimes! Better yet, I have the name of a lady who might be able to give me the "inside help" I need to navigate Kiana's PANS. 

I found weighted animals are as therapeutic as weighted blankets. Best of all, they are cheaper, less time consuming and what is better than a big teddy that reminds you of your dog?

Meet Kobi the second

The girls love eating by candle light, so we enjoyed our valentines meal by candle light. I made a Snickers Cheesecake for dessert. It was delicious!

The book and study guide for small group Bible Study. A group of us adoptive mom's get together once a month over the winter...except it hasn't happened yet this winter because of sickness.

I made quite an assortment of beads for an order

The little lady who is so full of rage lately drew this. Including the I love you Dean!

I am doing whatever I can think of to keep our relationship intact, even if it means going to Mac's after a long drama filled afternoon.

The other week Lia and I went to see my newest niece. Lia loved holding the baby and kept telling me, "Mom, we should get a baby too!" She has no idea!

Put a little Mennonite boy in front of a TV and he is lost to the world

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