Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Summer Vacation Has Begun!

Another school term is now history! I can't wrap my mind around how quickly time flies, although there are certainly times when it creeps at a snails pace. These past weeks have been anything but easy as the children face another loss. Emotionally healthy children with secure attachments look forward to another teacher, life is exciting for them. Our children on the other hand fear change. As long as things remain the same, they feel a bit more in control of their circumstances. The end of the school term means losing a teacher, their daily routine and facing a whole summer full of unknowns. This triggers their fight or flight response and trust me, their survival skills are alive and well!

Kindergarten graduation.

We stopped at Mac's on the way home. There were tears before the children even climbed into the explorer, so I figured grabbing lunch on the way home and then immediately going for naps/quiet time would be the best way to fend off the pending storm. 



And now we are on to bigger and better things like sleeping in, swimming and being lazy! :) Other years I made chore charts and was dreaming up ways to make our days as productive as possible, this year I haven't even given such things a thought. Not sure if that means I have finally reached the place where I take each day as it comes or if I am just lazy.

                                     Happy Summer, folks!

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