Monday, May 29, 2017

Things We Are Learning

- If you put dry macaroni in the microwave for several minutes it will melt the paper container and begin smoking making the house smell horrible.

- Never prescribe Prednisone to someone with Lyme disease, especially when the Lyme is attacking the brain. 

- Don't laugh when the therapist reminds you that taking a child off ADHD medication may cause an increase in E.R. visits. (and no, we haven't had any instances that required medical attention but we have had high spike in "accidents")

- Fireworks will remind some children of gunshots and make them panic, others will delight in the "fuzzy feelings" gained from the booming and sizzling. Still other children will need to sleep on the floor by mom and dad's bed to feel safe.

- It is lovely having dad home for the first several days of transitioning into summer vacation. When he goes back to work tomorrow we are sure to suffer from withdrawal.

- Some children with FASD rely visual memory which is why they can point out their siblings mistakes but never take the blame for their own misdeeds. Thanks to Ann Yurcek author of Tiny Titan for sharing that bit of insight. I was reminded of the time when we were asking Joseph about something he said, his reply was, "I didn't hear myself say it!" Implying that since he didn't hear himself say the words, he never said them.

- One child wishes she was "born in my belly so that I could sell her to her birth mom." I think we need to do some adoption educating! :)

- Placing a raging child in the shower can calm them down in a hurry. Can't wait until the pool is open as swimming is the best antidote for rages.

- Requiring siblings to sit near each other is asking an awful lot of them, asking them to share air space is even worse.

- Making big decisions isn't as fun as it looks. As Tristan said, "I wish I didn't have to decide such big things!" I informed him that making tough decisions is part of being an adult, "Welcome to the adult world, buddy!"

- Continuing on the decision making topic, making life changing decisions does not get easier. Neither does the unsettled feeling of wondering if we are making the right decisions, but knowing God has been faithful in the past gives one a deep peace and comfort.

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