Thursday, October 12, 2017

An Almost Tragedy - No Cause And Effect - Living With FASD

What a morning! I had a dentist appointment to get my teeth cleaned and thought since it wasn't going to take long, I would leave Joseph home with Tristan. They had their school work to do and typically if it is just the two of them, they act like men and do fine.

When it was time to leave for my appointment, Tristan was outside helping someone who had stopped in, so I told Joseph to grab his boots and get in the explorer. I planned to take him out to Tristan where he could sit and watch what he was doing. Except that Joseph didn't have any socks on and he NEEDS socks. I told him he would be fine this time but he screamed and kicked the explorer door till it rattled saying it wouldn't be fine! I drove back to the house instructed Kiana to run inside and get his shoes so he could go along to the dentist. That infuriated him and as we were going down the drive he opened the door and tried to jump out. I quickly pulled over and turned on the child safety lock (he never sits beside the door for this, and other reasons). As we were going down the road he threw his shoes at me and declared he will not go inside with me. My brain finally kicked in and I realized that I needed to cancel my appointment otherwise we would have a very unpleasant scene at the dentists office. I could envision police, CYS and all manner of unpleasant things.... paranoid? Much!

When he realized we were turning around, Joseph thought I could just take him outside to Tristan and when I said I won't, the rage came back with a vengeance. So I am back to being a stupid, old lady who is mean and wants to mess up his life. I made myself a cup of cappuccino and am sitting here regaining my equilibrium.

I told Joseph that if he would have jumped out the door, I would have drove over him and he could have died. He looked at me and said, "I don't care, I wanted to go with Tristan!" No cause and effect...from now on he sits in the back or the safety locks are on at all times!

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