Friday, October 20, 2017

A Busy Week And A Fun Family Day

Life has been rushing on by at an alarming pace. I think homeschooling makes the days go by faster since our mornings are devoted to school. Last Friday the children and I combined school work and apple sauce making. Kind of makes a complicated, sticky mess but we were finished with both jobs by lunch time thanks to willing helpers.

Kiana, Joseph and Lia kept the sink filled with apples and ran errands for me.

Thanks to COBYS and SWAN we enjoyed a day at Cherry Crest Farm yesterday. The weather was beautiful and the children loved having dad along and I loved having another adult along to keep an eye on everyone.

Feeding the goats

Lia and Joseph standing on top of the straw tunnel.

Inside the straw tunnel.

Lia made a new friend!

Crawling on the "spider web."

Hang on, Kiana!


Strasburg Railroad goes through the farm.

Dean had to go in to work for a few hours. When he came home we went to Plum Creek Farm for ice cream. It was too cold to be eating ice cream but we really wanted to try their Pumpkin Spice ice cream so we endured the shivers! The ice cream was delicious!

Lia skipped the ice cream and ordered french fries instead

October is "dentist month" at our house. Joseph had an appointment on Tuesday and I had one on Wednesday - a make up for last weeks missed appointment. You can read about that episode here: An Almost Tragedy.

Taking selfie's with mom's phone to pass the time.

When mom and dad stay up till all hours of the night calming a sibling, you just might fall asleep on the couch! 

We are having some good days with Kiana, although the hard ones are still in the majority. Someone mentioned the other Sunday that I stayed in the service all morning, something that hadn't happened for months thanks to Lyme. That comment was a good reminder that things are getting better and I need to focus on those times. Today is Kiana's 10th birthday. I will admit I was apprehensive because birthdays are major triggers for our children. However we have had only one "episode" this morning, leaving me feeling grateful. Now I need to go bake a cake and wrap a birthday gift!

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