Friday, January 12, 2018

A Busy But Blessed Week

Last week I took Joseph to the ER because he had an irregular heart beat. This was the second time it happened and we decided it was time to get it checked out. All the tests came back negative so the doctor told me to take him to a pediatric cardiologist just to make sure everything is really okay.

Joseph was quite fascinated by the monitors. The nurse explained what each line was for and he listened intently. I was a little concerned how the ER personnel would relate to him but his stuffed puppy and "overwhelmed Joseph grin," took care of any explaining I may have had to do.

Monday morning found us at the cardiologist where he was diagnosed with an innocent heart murmur. His doctor recommended we increase his fluids and see if that makes a difference. Our other option was to wear a monitor for 30 days. Not something I want to do if we don't have to. Joseph loves all things mechanical and I know he wouldn't be able to leave his hands off the monitor.

One day as one child was yelling some rather nasty words at me, the van from Royers drove in. Thanks to my friend for thinking of me, it made my day so much brighter! 

On Tuesday Lia had an OT eval with the beloved Miss Barlett. She qualifies for services so we will add weekly OT appointments to our schedule. Miss Barlett was Joseph's OT about two years ago and when it was recommended that I take Lia for an OT evaluation there was no question about where I would take her. Miss Barlett is firm, but has a cheerful, fun loving personality that my children respond to. My sister in law blessed us with a meal which she dropped off before I left for Lia's OT appointment. 

On Wednesday we babysat for a friend of ours. The children love having a new playmate.

Thursday was Joseph's routine psych appointment, the one I despise. I failed to bring a book along for Joseph which was mistake number one. However I was counting on them having the TV on with a children's show which holds Joseph's attention as we wait. The waiting room was pretty full and the majority of the folks seemed to be in a rather foul mood. One mother/son had a few rounds while Joseph looked on wide eyed. The mother of another patient went toe to toe with the receptionist and then proceeded to have a long, detailed discussion on her phone that gave Joseph's ears something else to listen to! When they finally called Joseph back 40 minutes later I was about frazzled (alot more went on that I won't relate here). Joseph always comes unglued at these appointments because he knows the doctor will ask lot's of questions and he cannot understand them because of his accent. This means every time the doctor asks a question, Joseph looks at me for clarification and I fear it makes it look like I don't allow Joseph to talk. Maybe this doctor asks all these questions because he remembers his first visit with Joseph when he announced that he wants to be a butcher when he grows up! In reality I know why he asks each and every question and it would save us both time n stress if I could say, "He is safe, he feels loved, he has friends and he can do his school work," and leave it at that.

This morning I took Kiana for some fasting lab work her nutritionist wanted done. It wouldn't be so bad but she had to go for food allergy testing to another lab last week, then we learned that the sample wasn't viable because it got too cold during transport. I am awaiting a new test kit and when that one is filled I hope to be done for awhile. Thankfully the tech's were excellent this morning, even Kiana had to begrudgingly admit that they were pretty good.

Keep on keeping on for...."In due season ye shall reap if ye faint not."   Galatians 6:9

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