Friday, March 8, 2013

No sleep for the weary!

What a night! Miss Luna awoke app. every five- fifteen minutes from 1:30 on. She is pushing her eye teeth but she didn't appear to be in any pain, in fact she was quite jolly! It is good one of us was happy. I tried rocking her, sleeping on the sofa with her tucked in beside me, patting her while she was in her bed..... no good. At 5:00 Tristan came over to our room in tears because he couldn't sleep cause Luna was waking him up. Then Kiana was up and bouncing in the hall. I told her to go back to bed, NOW! Luna was up and chattering till 6:45, when she suddenly decided to call it a night and wanted to go to bed. Now she is crashed and this grumpy mama is trying to get her act together. I was grumbling deep inside when I saw the saying I have from UpperCase "Grant me patience to deal with my blessings". Yes, I am blessed. I just need to remember that when things are threatening to come crashing down. I am so prone to viewing my cup as half empty rather than counting my blessings and being thankful it is half full! Braden has a doctor appointment at 8:30 this morning so if you happen to be driving through Ephrata and see a silver Explorer weaving toward you, kindly move aside. I am  not at my best when I am extremely sleep deprived! Time to refill the coffee cup ..... sometime I have to tell you about Deans latest hobby, roasting coffee beans. Fresh ground coffee is so much better than any of the stuff you can buy in a can.


  1. Ooh...you need to come to play group again and tell me about that coffee! We buy whole beans and grind them...

  2. Hmmm, Coffee! A mama's lifesaver...now dip some of those babies in chocolate (the beans I mean)

    You can work through that fog this morning, just don't drive much this afternoon unless you get a nap. (voice of experience)


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