Thursday, March 14, 2013


I sewed three dresses for Kiana this week. She badly needed some new ones. Somehow Kiana's dresses always have the hems out, seams ripped, buttons popped off or stains of some sort on them. She had two that were good enough for church and going away, the rest were demoted to her everyday drawer. Now I need to sew for myself. Somehow I just don't enjoy sewing my dresses. I have had people sew for me off and on ever since the summer we got the boys. I always end up feeling guilty and go back to sewing them myself.

Tuesday the three youngest and I went grocery shopping midst the pouring rain. The other day a group of ladies was trying to decide how much money they spend on each family member per week for groceries. A select few were at $10, most were around $15, some at $20 and then there were a few of us who were $20 plus. Yikes! Some of the ladies shared how they didn't get groceries for a month, they used what they had. Of course they had to get dairy products and fruits and veggies but that was it. I am trying to convince myself that this would be good for me to do.

freshly roasted coffee beans!

My maid was here this morning. Poor girl! She once more did my weeks worth of ironing. I baked two kinds of cookies. One batch got beautiful and the other was a flop. My children love Snickerdoodles and I like the fact that they aren't very messy. I make them pretty often and they got ok. The other week W@lmart had these huge bags of Whopper's candy on sale. I was shopping after a therapy session with Braden and that chocolate looked too good to pass up. I remembered seeing a recipe for cookies with crushed Whoppers candy in them. Since I couldn't keep my hands off the candies adding them to cookies seemed like the perfect solution. They baked beautifully but refused to come off the cookie sheet even after I used parchment paper and sprayed it with Pam. I now have a container of crumbled cookies plus a a plate of bars. I dumped the last of the batter into a bar pan and baked them like that. The cookies are nice and chewy even if they are broken up.

The children playing train. 

We got the date for TPR (termination of parental rights) for Luna, April 22! Hopefully we only have a few  more visits. I don't mind taking Luna to Reading for visits, but I do not like the turmoil it causes. Luna's mom is a sweet lady and I feel so badly for her. She loves Luna as much as we do and it doesn't seem fair that she cannot keep her daughter. At the same time, I would be devastated if we couldn't adopt her. Mother hearts are not to be trifled with!

Tristan practicing his shooting skills


  1. I think that Janie's daughter's mom's termination is scheduled for that day as well!

    I was just thinking today how much I miss my cleaning person....

  2. Wow, Sandra...so excited for you! I'm sure it will cause mixed feelings, but it will make your life a bit less stressful. Sounds like you were quite busy this week...


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