Sunday, April 28, 2013


We have gotten a few good chuckles out of this little man here of late. This morning James Good shared a humorous little story. Last Sunday while greeting people after church a young fellow came up to where he was standing with another minister and said, "You two talk to long and it makes me tired"! He said parents are not to try to figure out if it was their son who made the comment but I knew instantly it was Joseph. First because it sounded exactly like something he would say and second, Joseph was sitting beside me and gave me this red faced sheepish grin! 

The other week my mom  kept Kiana and Joseph overnite. Joseph asked if they were going to go to church with them. Turns out he didn't want to because of all the farmers. Mom was puzzled and asked a few questions. Joseph said, "You know those farmers that wear those big black hats with the sides turned up!" He is "waking up" and noticing things. We have to be really careful not to laugh to hard when he pipes up with his opinion on a matter he knows nothing about. Gotta love little people!

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