Monday, April 29, 2013

Grilled Bananas and Fried Oreos

We spent the whole week end at home. Of course we did attend church Sunday morning and Dean worked Saturday morning but other than that we stayed home. Saturday afternoon we got the garden planted. I thought it was to wet but Dean tilled it and it was perfect. Am very glad that job is done. Dean was into trying new recipes this week end. Some recipes got thumbs up and others didn't go over quite so well.

Saturday Dean grilled bananas with brown sugar and honey for dessert. They were ok. I think they would have been better eaten with ice cream.

Sunday evening Dean built a fire in the outdoor grill he built and grilled some ham steaks they were yummy. Even the children liked them and they can be kinda picky about their meat.

We toasted marshmallows for dessert

Afterward we went to check on the neighbors goats as they were gone for the week end. The children had fun feeding them bunches of grass and weeds.

After a gold cart ride Dean grilled oreos. He coated them with pancake batter and fried them in hot oil. They were actually really good. They were the perfect snack for a lazy evening at home.

impatiently waiting .... Dean finally told them to go find something to do until the cookies were ready

The finished product. Try them sometime, they are really good!

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  1. My husband's been in to cooking over the fire...so we've been doing that every (nice) weekend...


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