Wednesday, May 1, 2013

School Trip Woes

Change and anticipation is tough for little ones who have not had parents to give them love and security from day one. For them anything new and different means a loss of the old and familiar. When you don't know exactly what is going to happen you lose control of the situation and that causes big feelings. We have some mighty big feelings manifesting themselves around here all because of the field trip the Kindergarden class is taking next Tuesday. I told Braden he does not have to go along. He really wants to but at the same time he is so anxious he is going over and over the whole day and asking a zillion questions. The moms who are going along are packing the lunches and that has him all in a tizzy as food is a major issue with him. Will he like the cheese on his sandwich, what kind of drink will he have, what color will the grapes be, how fast is the bus going to drive, how far away is the place, what if he gets to many chips (at Herr's) and can't eat them all, what if they give him a kind he doesn't like, what if he falls out of the train, where will he eat his lunch and on and on and on. I called the psychiatrist's office to see if they would give me an idea how long the waiting list is. They wouldn't tell me so I asked if they would give me an idea how many weeks. He said, "Ma'am, we will call YOU when there is an opening, thank you". Ok, guess I was getting a little overbearing but this anxiety is making me anxious.
     On a more cheerful note, we are going to the cabin this week end. We are going with a bunch of other foster families. I am so looking forward to hearing how other moms cope with troubled children and still keep their sanity. We plan to take our camera/monitor along so Braden can get some down time in our bedroom and we can still see what he is doing. Other parents who have traumatized children advised us to invest in a camera. I never felt it was necessary but now that we have one I wouldn't want to do without. Braden can sit in his bed and look at books and get a "break" from the work of bonding. I can go about my work and not worry that he is getting into trouble as the monitor goes everywhere I go. Yay for technology!
   I was scheduled to take a meal to a family from church tomorrow. They just called and said they had other plans that came up at the last minute. I have the food already made so am trying to think of someone who needs a meal. I know how very nice it is when a friend drops by with food. 

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