Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Bradens first field trip is now history and guess what? He survived! Monday evening he "showed us his big feelings" a polite way to describe tantrums, lying and noncompliance. In the morning he did ok, was able to dress himself and eat breakfast in a reasonable period of time and didn't have any melt downs. When he kissed me good bye something he seldom does, he asked me if I will pray for him while he is on the train. I assured him I would and that he would be perfectly safe. I spent my day resting and doing a little organizing. My anxiety was increasing when I knew it was time for the school children to come home. I prayed for wisdom and patience. God answered my prayer and gave me an added bonus... a happy boy. Not the wild, overstimulated bordering on a tantrum 6 year old I was anticipating. I was so happy. He showed me a train his teacher bought for him. Braden informed me that the other children had round hard money AND paper money and I didn't send any along with him. Oops! I can rest assured he will never let me forget again! While I was making supper Braden came to me and asked if he will go on the same train next time he goes there on a school trip or will it be a faster train..... never get a break from the worries!
   Andrea was here today. She babysat Joseph and Luna while Braden, Kiana and I ran errands. I stopped at the greenhouse and bought some flowers. I am so ready for some color around here. Some little animal of some sort always eats my bulbs so I don't have any early spring color. I heard someone at the greenhouse say you shouldn't plant your flowers till after the week end as it is to get pretty chilly. Guess what I just finished doing? Planting flowers! I never was one to be patient. I didn't get many plants and some I put in planters so they can be brought inside.

Planted a sweet potato vine in the well bucket. Whatever gets planted in here usually dies. Either from lack of water or from little hands that pick the flowers and dig in the dirt around it.

I put a bunch of Wave Petunia's in this flower bed. Only hearty plants do well here as the trees seem to drain all the nutrients and water out of the soil. If I had a green thumb I would be able to keep my flowers nice in spite of the poor soil.

Tristan really wanted to hoe the garden but it is so muddy and not all the plants are up. I was afraid he would hoe the seeds out. He assured me he would stay along the edge and be really careful. Thankfully he settled for hoeing an empty flower bed instead.

Kiana and Joseph are into collecting things. Doesn't matter if it is acorns, seeds, weeds, leaves or worms.... then they put their treasures in plastic bags and dump a cup full of water in. Here they are washing their treasures.

This is my crooked shepherds hook. If your children ever get bored tell them it is lots of fun to swing from these things. Or you can see how strong you are and try to bend it so it lies flat on the ground. Joseph couldn't understand why I was slightly annoyed. he told me to just go buy another one. Kiana was afraid she would have to fork over some money from her piggy bank.

What is everyone doing tomorrow? We plan to stay home and work. Dean is extra busy at work and seldom has a chance to cross items off of his "To Do" list. Luna has her final visit with her mom from 4-6. We might find something to do in the evening if we feel energetic. Time to go grill some burgers. Dean is at Wengers Green house picking up a truck load of flowers to take to BCCYS for their annual plant sale. He will have just enough time to pop in for a quick bite and then needs to be on his way in order to be at BCCYS by 7:00.

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  1. We are doing school physicals for next year tomorrow (Kindergarten and 6th grade). Both kids get shots. And I'm thinking that since the girls are home they can clean their bedrooms!


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