Monday, May 13, 2013

Cold Monday

Brrr! Has winter come back? I am honestly thinking of turning the heat on cause my nose n feet are cold. I bought some more flowers on Saturday and was really tempted to plant them now I am glad I waited. Saturday evening Deans parents babysat while Dean and I went on a date. Tristan thought that was so weird, after all we see each other every day. Dean explained that we wanted some time by ourselves and he promptly replied, "Well you do at night, you sleep together!!!" We went to Ruby Tuesday for supper and then to Lowes where we got ideas for the bathroom. Till then it was time to get back.
   Dean has been working on a bunk bed for the girls. Luna will be out growing the pack n play in a little while and there isn't any room in the girls bedroom for another bed. He is going to put rails on the side of the bottom bunk so Luna will still be in a "crib" of sorts. Kiana is convinced she wants him to make it purple. I agreed so long as I get to choose the shade of purple.

Here is the partially finished bed.

Last evening Dean and Tristan spent some time fishing at a nearby creek. They caught quite a few fish but none of them were big enough to keep. Tristan was in dire need of some one on one time with his daddy. We need to be careful we spend time with him as to often our focus is on the other boys and their struggles. I often wonder how parents of large families find time to spend with each child. 

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