Monday, May 6, 2013


We are rejoicing! The Judge granted TPR! Whooppee! One step closer to adoption day. The down side is the appeal I am sure is going to come.  In the midst of our joy comes a deep pain knowing our gain comes at a high price, another mother somewhere is most likely weeping at the loss of her daughter. Luna's final visit with mom is on Thursday and we would greatly appreciate your prayers. Also keep praying for Luna's mom, she will really need those prayers in the coming weeks and months.

  On to the cabin trip. It was wonderful! I haven't laughed so hard in ages! Sharing your joys and struggles with people who truly "get it" is so therapeutic. This morning I was able to take on the battle against RAD with a vigor that has been missing here of late. Our morning went very well beings we just spent a week end away from home. Kiana and Joseph were quite disgusted that I wouldn't take them back to the cabin this morning. Kiana thought we should stay at least five days. We did our share of strong sitting and time out and the smiles came back to everyone's face. I didn't even lose my cool when a large bag of flour was "accidently on purpose" dropped on the floor.

Bocce Ball

Chatting and watching the children play. These dad's dedicate alot of time to child care when we are at the cabin. They take their "daddy role" seriously and the little ones benefit greatly. The moms benefit as well ....we get more uninterrupted grab time! 

Waiting for breakfast

I don't have many pictures that don't have at least one foster child on them so here is a brief glimpse of our weekend.

How do you get your whoopie pies to rise? Mine come out of the oven looking like large mud puddles. They are flat in every sense of the word. I have tried different recipes and they all turn out the same. I turned the oven temp up before sliding the last sheet into the oven. They looked better than the previous ones but were not as soft. The children will eat them anyway. One hopeful young man even suggested eating them for breakfast as he doesn't get dessert until a few behaviors change. Nice try but no go!

Chocolate pancakes or chocolate whoopie pies???

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  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend.

    My son refuses to "strong-sit"...sometimes I strong-sit when I'm frustrated...he really hates that! :-)

    The whoopie pies look exactly like I like them! I prefer my whoopie pies to be thinner...because I like the resulting ration of icing-to-cookie. I find the thicker ones more choky (not sure if that's the word I'm lookin for...).


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