Saturday, May 18, 2013

Caring For Others

As time goes on more and more people are becoming aware of Reactive Attachment Disorder. Many people are skeptical because it is unfathomable that a child would fight so hard not to get close to his parents. Surely the child will eventually learn that mom and dad are trustworthy people and will always supply for his needs. As he gets older he won't peer pressure have a bearing on how he reacts to situations? Most people just don't get it. Some days I don't understand either! That is ok. Those of us who were blessed with healthy minds cannot think like a person who's brain was damaged by neglect, abuse or any manner of things. So often I am asked "What can I do"? Or a kindhearted person says, "If only I could help carry the burden." Well friends you can and I am continually amazed at the many ways people lighten the load and brighten our days. God is faithful and sends frequent reminders that he is in control and he pours love into Braden when we are emotionally exhausted. Anyway, since so many people have asked what they could do to help families who have children with RAD or other special needs, I am going to list some of the ways people have blessed us:
Prayers are always appreciated
A paper with a few words of encouragement
A card in the mail
An offer to babysit the healthy children or the sick child if possible
Expressing an interest in the disorder/asking questions
A surprise visit with an iced coffee to share 
Just listening, even if you can't understand a listening ear is very therapeutic

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