Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Daily Life

Does anyone else think it is warm out there? Last night Tristan was panting and puffing around here. He thought Dean just HAS to put the AC unit in. If we had central air I may have been tempted to turn it on as I don't handle the heat to well. The thought of the noisy unit blocking half my window doesn't appeal to me either so we will just sweat through these warm days. Luna almost lives outside now that she can open the screen door herself. She drags all manner of things outside and brings sticks, stones and dirt inside. I find toys, utensils, clothing and trash in my yard. It's almost like having a puppy again.

   The children have rediscovered the joy of chalk. They spend hours writing on the drive. This is what our driveway looks like. I took the picture om the dark and it obviously didn't get very good!

When I was a child we rode bike. This generation shuns bikes and gravitates towards battery operated riding toys and go carts! I found this 4 wheeler on an online yard sale site for $20. It needed a battery but that was a simple fix. Just get daddy to stop at PaulB on his way home from work!

Kiana can handle the four wheeler but Joseph keeps it in low gear and is constantly jerking to a stop and lurching forward! When Dean put the battery in the four wheeler he told Kiana to go see how it drives. She promptly took off at high speed maneuvering around anything in her path. Dean and I looked at each other and  both had the same thought, "16 and a drivers license is going to come way to fast!"

Dean and his brother Keith built this go cart when they were boys. They sold it to a friend and his sons drove it for many years. Now his sons have outgrown it so the friend called Dean and asked if he wants to buy it back. Of course Dean did and now there is another generation of Zimmermans roaring around, trying to pop wheelies, burn out and race. Is this why moms get gray???

Luna chasing our chickens. We have wonderful laying hens, the only drawback is that they do not stay penned up. It really isn't their fault as the gate somehow gets open and they go foraging for greener grass. Joseph and Kiana love looking for eggs. They go up to the chicken house multiple times a day. They were banned from getting eggs for awhile due to a brother getting plastered with an egg because the sister didn't want him to carry the eggs to the house for fear he would break them. Makes alot of sense to chuck an egg at your brother when you are mad cause he might break one. Then Joseph left the gate open one to many times, even though he says he never even opened the gate??? He did move a rock used to prop the gate but he didn't open it.Sometimes I don't get their logic! He also found out that holding a metal pipe to an electric fence causes you to get shocked. I think it is good I don't see what all he tries!

Stacks of dirty dishes.... this is what happens when the dishwasher decides to quit working. I don't mind washing dishes but prefer to wash them before they set in a closed dishwasher overnight! The dishwasher wasn't filling up with water so I called Dean to ask if there would by any chance be a simple thing I could do to fix it. He said  he will need to pull it front to see what is wrong. I thought it best to leave my hands off. 

I figured drying dishes would be a good job for this young man. He is trying to convince me he is tickled to be drying them. Plastering a smile on your face doesn't fool me, Buddy! The boys have two more days of school and then....SUMMER VACATION!!!!!!

By the way, we are 16 days into our 30 day appeal period and thus far haven't heard a word about an appeal. Please pray that we can be ok with whatever the outcome.

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