Saturday, May 25, 2013

Strawberry Pie!!!

Last night we had the dubious privilege of hearing the whys and wherefores of RAD once more. Bradens therapist agreed to speak to a group of teachers, family and friends on the basics of RAD and how to relate to those of us who are trying to help our little ones heal. I felt she did a wonderful job of conveying our concerns although I really wish 
she would have had time to go more in depth. We covered 3 hours of material in 11/2 hours. Dean and I spent alot of time discussing the material she went over. It was good for us to hear why Braden acts out. We know it, have studied it, discussed it with the therapist, had it drilled into us but our human emotions trump the knowledge if we aren't careful and we end up forgetting that Braden is hurting inside and forget to empathize with him. I told Dean raising children should not be so hard! Pray for us as we make some decisions about future care and how to keep our family intact while enabling Braden to heal.

My dear friend Rose Ann dropped this yummy strawberry pie off the other evening. We enjoyed it for a bedtime snack. :) I was going to get pictures of the children eating it... you would have thought they never get sweets, but it was gone before I had time to get my camera. You see, after everyone had a slice there was still a large slice left in the pan and everyone (even mom n dad) wanted that last piece! We solved the problem by giving it to daddy who generously split it into teeny pieces and shared it with the children. Luna ate the strawberries out and left the crust n cool whip in her plate. Her mouth was still full when she began yelling for mo'! Tristan licked the crumbs from the pan just to be sure we got every last bit. Thanks Rose Ann!

Summer vacation is here! Brr! The boys were both promoted to the next grade and came home with numerous awards from the "graduation" yesterday. Now we will enjoy a few months of down time before sending 4 little people off to school in the fall. Where has time gone? Kiana and Joseph need to get their physicals n shots before school. I need to make an appointment. Am debating if I take them both at once or do it in two trips. Can't decide if they will be brave because the other one is there as well or if they will both end up howling from the shots!  

Enjoy your vacation, be lazy, spend time with your children, go on vacation, enjoy fresh garden goodies, soak up the sun.... off to begin my vacation!

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  1. I took Autumn & Zach for shots the other week...went fine...but of course, they are 11 and 5...not both kindergartners! :-)

    Pie looks delicious!


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