Tuesday, May 28, 2013


The first "real" day of summer vacation is not off to a good start!!!!! I would never ever give up my children but I think if someone stopped in and said they would take them and train them for the day I would say, "go for it!" The children rolled out of bed whining about getting dressed then some had to many eggs, some not enough. Some hit, some "hit" with their mouth, others bit and all but the eldest was in tears several times. I finally said they need to go out to the shop and stay out there until 11:00. Tristan put his watch on so they could come back inside at the stroke of 11. In the meantime I mixed cookies and did some paperwork. Just before 11 Tristan came in looking rather shaken.... umm, there was a fire in the shop but I got it out with a bucket of water. Something to do with the batteries on the four wheeler and the charger. A bit later Kiana came tearing inside saying it is burning again. I made a hasty dash for the shop only to find it was a false alarm. I guess smoke is fire to a 5 year old. After that excitement they came in and fought some more.

  This coming week end is the Foster/Adoption Retreat at Penn Valley. We look forward to it every year. I will admit that I hate the packing part. You need such a combination of good, not so good and Sunday clothing. We are taking our camper. We like being able to get away from the noise sometimes. I enjoy catching up with people we only see at Penn Valley and meeting new friends as well. Kiana loves that there are other little brown girls there. They match her! Skin color isn't quite the issue it was for Kiana at one time. I hope and pray she can overcome her dislike for her brown skin. I think it is beautiful and we tell her so but she still feels different.

Was good I listened in on Laura's training Friday evening as I certainly needed the reminder today that Bradens brain is damaged. Not sure what he is hiding to cause this severe acting out but I hope we soon figure it out. When a child with RAD is hiding something (getting away with something behind parents back) their behavior deteriorates. Braden has been getting worse and we are suspicious of a few things. He is too smart to let us catch him though so for now we just guess at what it could be and hope no one gets hurt.

Luna is now talking, what fun! Last night Dean said he isn't sure which is harder, when the child can't talk and tell you what she wants or when she knows what she wants and demands it! :) We hear a lot of "I want it!", "Mine" and "have it or give it".  Another favorite phrase is, "Go away!" We are on the last week of the thirty day appeal period. Luna's mom emails pretty often and she told me to tell Luna she loves her and is doing everything she can to get her back. Am hoping that does not include appealing the court order. 



  1. Our day started out good...until someone was told that we were going to visit Miss Laura. Oh my. We did get there despite every effort to avoid it! Good point about the brain damage...I need to remember that too. I am envious of your Penn Valley experiences...sounds so encouraging!

  2. Welcome to summer! Looking forward to Penn valley again too

  3. Oh how well we know those grumpies. They live here too! Some days I think I just might be wishing for school long before it's here.

    Praying for your sweet baby!


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