Thursday, May 30, 2013

Trying To Stay Cool

Is it warm enough for you all? I got quite a few things done this morning, the afternoon hours are proving to be quite different! The children were begging to have a water battle. I made them wait until after lunch n naps. I then convinced them to try the sprinkler as I figured that would cause less mess but the sprinkler was broke so it was back to the hose n buckets.

Lugging the buckets big brother ordered her to fetch from the shop

Filling the buckets for the water battle....was the strangest water battle I ever saw....they took turns dumping their water over the other guys head!

After naps I decided to mow the yard as I most likely won't have time tomorrow. I was really warm when I finished so I mixed up a pitcher of iced tea/lemonade.

Luna likes to stomp on the ants crawling on the porch. If you look closely you can see the ant close to her left foot.

This is the raft I am working at loading today. 

My mom bought Joseph a stuffed monkey for Christmas several years ago. Earlier this spring when we went to the cabin with foster families he lost his monkey. After therapy Tuesday evening Braden and I stopped at Good Will and found another monkey! It isn't exactly like his other one but he was still thrilled.

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