Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Strawberries coming out our ears!

Tis strawberry season! Yesterday a friend called to say her sister in law got a bunch of strawberries at the produce auction, would I want to buy some? You had better believe I would! I am so spoiled those strawberries were delivered right to my door .... no picking, finding a babysitter so I could pick, nothing! I bought three flats and promptly pureed most of them to make jelly. I wanted lots of jelly cause the stuff I made last year was like water. I bought liquid pectin made by Surjell and the jelly didn't set. Thus we went a whole year with jelly that ran off the bread and made puddles on the table. I thought each recipe takes at least four cups of strawberries, turns out it only takes two cups per recipe. At that rate I will be making enough jelly to supply the neighborhood! Tristan helped me by stirring the strawberries and sugar together. When I finally ran out of containers he was more than ready to call it quits!

Lots of empty boxes plus a bowl of berries to make into pies! I made two pies and there was only a tiny slice left after lunch. This afternoon I made two more but made them extra special by putting a layer of cheesecake filling in the crust and putting the strawberry pie filling on top of that.

Sink full of berries to wash!

Tristan busy stirring jelly

And the finished product! Dean is working late this evening so supper will be pbj's with fresh jelly and pie n ice cream for dessert. I think we will soon be "strawberried" out! I still have an ice cream bucket of pureed strawberries sitting in my fridge which my neighbor plans to use. I also have 10 four cup containers in my freezer to use in smoothies and desserts. Is it possible I went a little overboard?

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  1. yup, you got lots of strawberries! I just bought 16# at Fruitastic and we had enough to freeze some, make pie and stawberry shortcake


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