Monday, June 17, 2013

Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day! I am thankful for my own dad and my husband who is a wonderful daddy to his children. Dean can get the children to talk about their deepest struggles and fears while I can't seem to be able to reach those hurting places. He can love and cuddle them after they have hurt him as badly as they are hurting inside while I tend to need a little time to get my feelings in their proper places. When he comes home from work every child yells, "Daddys home!" and make a rush for the door. Luna loves to carry his lunch inside while getting daddy to carry her. We are blessed with a husband/daddy who values Godly principles and is willing to spend the time instilling those values into his family and then following up to be sure those principles are carried out.

  I can't post pictures of Dean with the children because Luna is on them. Not being able to post pictures is another downside of the appeal. I have so many cute pictures of her that I would love to post. I asked the CW if I would be able to post pictures on here but she said, "Nope!" That was that. :) I am sure we had an inspiring Fathers Day message yesterday. I didn't hear more than a few words beings Miss Luna was my responsibility during the service. I intentionally told Dean I would take her so he could hear the message. She  just doesn't like to sit still n be quiet.

Kiana our bubbly, chatter box

Tristan the little man who makes his mom despair that he will ever grow up and then turns around and is so grown up it scares me!

Joseph our little man with feelings that run deep but overflows with hugs n kisses

Kiana and Joseph our "almost kindergardeners!"

Last night Deans family was together at Deans brother keith n Kendra for supper. He smoked some yummy pork for us. The cans of soda rated higher than the sandwiches in the childrens eyes. Joseph wanted to walk around drinking soda. He slyly came in and quietly took a second soda when his first one was finished. Thankfully his grandma spoke up! Joseph loves any kind of juice, soda, lemon ade.....anything. If I don't watch him he will spend the whole meal sipping his drink and forget to eat.

Our first Fathers Day as an incomplete family is now history and I am thankful God blessed us with joy and peace where sadness and sorrow used to reign unrivaled! Maybe next year I can post a picture of our complete family including Luna and Braden.... who knows maybe we will have another foster baby till then. Gulp! :)

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