Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Introducing Socks

Tristan finally has another cat. We seem to go through cats quite rapidly around here. The last cat Brownie, was around for a couple years then he got into one too many fights and we had to get rid of him. An elderly neighbor tried giving Tristan two full grown cats but after two days of spitting, hissing, biting and scratching Tristan left them go. Yesterday we picked up a kitten at the neighbors. Their children already had the kitten quite tame. Tristan spent all afternoon playing with it. Luna was scared of it at first but like all babies, she was soon trying to pull its tail and squeeze it.

Two of Tristan's favorite things, cats n computers!

We are enjoying Summer Bible School even if it does make for some hectic moments! If I have everyone's clothing laid out, supper made, diaper bag packed and house semi clean till Dean comes home it usually goes pretty well. Our topic is on Interpersonal Relationships. Thus far I haven't gotten much out of it as Miss Luna wants to sit on my lap rather than daddy's. Last night I was watching the other children her age and none of them had a Nuk or bottle. Luna loves her Nuk and begs for her bottle when it gets close to bedtime. I have/had all kinds of excuses as to why she still has it.... she needed security during/after visits, she is getting teeth, she isn't that old..... Seems to me I am just ignoring the issue and hoping it will go away.

I got another update on Braden. He is trying out Miss Sharon. She had him write sentences because he disobeyed and it took him days to write them. I am glad he is treating her like he treated me. Often children with RAD go through a honeymoon stage when they are living with someone new. They are as good as gold and the new caregivers wonder what on earth the previous people were talking about. Sooner or later they show their true colors and look out when they do! Braden's honeymoon obviously didn't last very long but Miss Sharon was very up front with him right away. When we dropped him off she told him he may choose to obey and  have a large world which includes privileges, playing with toys, looking at books etc or he can choose to disobey and have a tiny world where he stays by her side. I could imagine him sighing inside, "Oh dear, another one of those people I have to work super hard at fooling!" The other children are slowly adjusting. Kiana and Joseph mind it the most. Both of them have had some pretty undesirable behavior going on. We have needed to tighten their reigns. Now that we have done that things seem to be going better. 


  1. Glad to see kitty is doing well. Prayers as you press on and walk to difficult road of fostering/adoption. You are touching souls!!

  2. Yes, I think we need to tighten some reigns around here again...sigh....


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