Saturday, July 13, 2013


After a week of relaxing, going out to eat, sitting on the beach and biking it is time to get back into the saddle. We had a wonderful time but it is so very nice to be home again! We rented a house for the week but came home a day early due to rain being forecast for the next several days.

We went out to the beach after we got down on Saturday evening. The water was COLD! 

This picture isn't very clear but if you look closely you can see a fawn. It was calmly eating alongside the bike trail. Luna's eyes about popped when she saw it! The little guy helped dry Kiana's tears. She had just begun to bike again after she wrecked her bike. 

Looking at all the animals inside the water tank at the visitor center. There was a huge horseshoe crab you could hold. The children were not about to touch it!

Tristan trying to figure out what kind of animal this bone belonged to.

We rented this golf cart on Monday. Was fun to cruise around the island. We drove to some gift shops and went out for ice cream before returning it and heading for the beach.

Kiana jumped on this "thing." She loved it! Dean tried to persuade her to do flips but she was a little to scared to try it though.

Kiana loved it! 

a grumpy looking turtle we saw crossing the road

Tuesday morning we got up early to watch the sunrise. It was freezing out on the beach! I took bagels along out for our breakfast after eating and flying our kite the cold, grumpy Zimmerman family went back to the house and napped. Well, Dean and the boys slept. The girls were not about to nap in the middle of the morning so around mid morning I took them shopping.

Thursday evening we watched a small pony show. 

This little guy was only ten days old. He/she/it was adorable! I am not a horse fan but would have loved to take this little fellow along home with us.

Now it is back to work....weeding the garden, laundry, cleaning, cooking but after my week away I am ready to dig in, sorta!

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