Sunday, July 14, 2013


Tomorrow we are scheduled to have our first contact with Braden. We haven't spoken to him since he was placed at TAP which was almost five weeks ago. My stomach is churning a bit just thinking about it. We have not had to live therapeutically since he is no longer at home and in all honesty, it has been wonderful to be normal! This phone call feels like we are walking right back into the fire. I know it is only a phone call but I also think I have a touch of PTSD. Any mention of contact sends my body into an emotional tailspin. The flip side is that I have high hopes that things will have improved and we will be able to connect. However I know that isn't likely as Miss Sharon is not reporting any changes for the better.

When we arrived home from Chincoteague there was a package setting on our porch. A church family blessed us with these adorable cake pops and a card letting us know they care. I felt so blessed!

They were almost to cute to eat! 

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  1. Very cute! :-)

    I get tense just thinking of someone waking up in the morning...I need an infusion of patience since I seem to have a very small "stress tolerance window" right now. It's like I know all the right things to do...but he acts up and I just can't tolerate it...maybe I could blame it on the heat and humidity...I'm always grouchier then...


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