Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Phone Call

Our phone call with Braden went ok. He told us that he put a puzzle together and brushed the horses with a big brush. When we asked him a question he would begin talking about another unrelated topic, which is typical for a child who needs to be in control. He did ask if we had fun in Chincoteague. Miss Sharon asked him how that makes him feel and he said, "good." She asked if he feels anything else and he said,"Sad." Poor boy! After our conversation I spoke to Miss Sharon for a bit. She did say Monday was one of his better days but overall he is hanging tight to his control issues. 

On Monday I had Joseph at the dentist. The dentist found several cavities and said Joseph needs to brush better. I felt bad cause he brushes his own teeth and I am usually to distracted to check them after ward. Both Kiana and Joseph have appointments to get work done on Monday. The secretary suggested I bring both at once and it sounded like a good idea at the time. Now I am beginning to wonder. Today they both go for their pre K physicals and immunizations. Dean thought I should take someone along for back up in case they both flip out over the shots. I am hoping that with the usual milk shake bribe they will do ok. 

Dean gave our hairy dogs hair cuts. They look rather funny but hopefully they will be cooler now. He also fixed the chicken coop so we no longer have chickens wandering around the yard and looking in the patio doors. Slowly but surely things are being taken off his to do list.

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