Saturday, July 20, 2013


The dreaded doctor visit is now history and I wouldn't have had to worry. Neither child shed a tear! I had Kiana go first beings she is a drama queen so anything was possible. She got her shots and hopped down from the table like it was no big deal. Joseph probably would have cried but if Kiana didn't, neither would he! I stopped at McDonalds and bought then each a chocolate shake. Joseph finished his before we got home. Kiana didn't want all of hers so Joseph offered to take care of it for her. I told him he shall let Luna and Tristan have it. He weighed 53 pounds and Kiana was only 39, so I think one shake was enough!

On Thursday my friend Julia and I took our children to Hershey Chocolate World. One bit of advice, don't go there during summer vacation there were people everywhere. We were able to walk right onto the train which was very nice. Luna barely moved the whole time! She still talks about the candy bar she got at the end of the ride. In the evening we went to my sister Shari and made soft pretzels. Last night we attended Berean Meetings at United Zion Campground. I was so tired till the service was over. Has been a long time since I was that weary, guess my adrenal fatigue still likes to pop up and let me know I have to be careful. Tonight is PaulB's work picnic. The children are so excited because they have a candy scramble. One would think they seldom get candy.

I bought a watermelon the other evening. We ate it for a bedtime snack. I took my cutting board and knife out to the shop so the slop stayed outside. Afterward we put off the sparklers we bought in Chincoteague.
I am determined to make lots of memories in the few remaining weeks of summer vacation.

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