Tuesday, July 23, 2013


This morning the children and I met  friends at Shoeneck park. We walked, watched the children play on the small jungle gym all the while gazing longingly at the huge set that was behind a construction fence, talked and then enjoyed sticky buns along with iced coffee for the moms and chocolate milk for the children. It rained last night and the ball diamond was a wet sandy mess. The children had a blast making "chocolate" in the mud. My plan was to go to Costco afterward but one look at those muddy children and I decided it would be best to go home and change first. It was nearing lunch time but Costco usually has all kinds of food you can sample. I was hoping the samples would hold them over till we got home again. We got to Costco only to see handmade signs sticking to the windows saying they were closed today due to a power failure! I decided I may as well go do some other shopping in the area so I went to an outgrown shop, Goodwill and Target. By then Luna was loudly protesting so we made a pit stop at Sonic for burgers and ice cream. I didn't really want to stop for food because just last night we stopped for pizza on the way home from family therapy. Eating out is expensive and fattening!

                                                              Supper at Pizza Palace

Tristan and Kiana trying to eat/hold hot onion rings. They couldn't wait to dig in!

Miss Sharon had a positive update for me yesterday. Last week Braden had 4 good days in a row before regressing again. 4 good days is a huge improvement. Whether the good days were actually "good days" or just  another form of manipulation remains to be seen.

Grumpy Miss Luna is working on the last of her two year molars. Her main word is, "No!" Last night she was awake several times hopefully tonight will go better. Nothing pleases her. She must feel miserable.

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