Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sweet Corn

Last year I had surgery over sweet corn season. My mom saw an ad in the paper... there was an Amish lady who would put up your sweet corn for you. $4 a quart sounded like alot until I began adding up the supplies... sweet corn, bags and TIME. Not to mention I do not enjoy doing corn. I was a little apprehensive because my family is a bit picky about their corn. We don't like it old or creamed. Guess what? It was delicious! Come 2013 and it is corn time again.... do I pay the $4.50 a quart or do it myself? I felt guilty buying it all so I only ordered 15 quarts. I went to pick it up this afternoon. Was so nice to stop in, pick up my freshly cut and bagged corn and leave! Yes, I am lazy.

Dean and Tristan weren't home for supper as Dean is powder coating the girls bunk bed tonite. Luna was not impressed with the corn! She put it to her mouth then said, "I no wan' it!" She filled up on mac n cheese instead because the ham roast I had put in the crock pot wasn't soft

I can't post pictures of Luna but here is a picture of her plate of mac n cheese and the despised ear of corn. She ate two servings of  pasta. She would live on noodles if we would let her!

Kiana and Joseph loved the corn! I remember my grandma Nolt telling me that as a girl she and her 11 siblings would all eat at least a dozen ears each for dinner. Corn was all that was all they had for dinner. My brothers, sisters and I used to eat around 6-7 ears apiece. When I first made corn on the cob for Dean he only ate 1 or 2 ears. I didn't think that was much at all but now several years later, I usually make that many for myself. 

Kiana and Joseph went along to pick up the corn this afternoon. They were amazed with the Amish farms. Joseph said they look like the farms in Old Yeller! The boys even dress like Arliss and Travis in the story!!!

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