Wednesday, August 28, 2013

1st Day Of School

....and they are off to school! Where did this summer go? I find it hard to believe Tristan is going to 4th grade. Three years from now he will be entering high school! I need to strive to cherish the moments for so soon they will be gone.

Their expressions tell all... Tristan was slightly excited, Kiana was very excited and Joseph put on his nervous smile because he wasn't sure what to think. I went in to their classroom this morning. Was quite the interesting place! Would love to be a little mouse and listen in. Then again, maybe not. Can only imagine what embarrassing tales my two will share!

Not so long ago these two were in diapers! Now they are going to school.

Luna is sitting beside me. We have toads in the window wells and they are trying to hop out. One of them jumped up at the window while she was standing there watching them. Gave her quite a scare! She has been carrying a stick around ever since. Keeps saying, "Frog, hop hop!" and whacking her stick.

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