Saturday, August 31, 2013

Happy Birthday Luna

Happy Birthday Luna! She is now officially two years old and we love her dearly. Yesterday we celebrated her birthday three separate times. Till bedtime she was running on adrenaline from too much birthday. In the morning I took her to BCCYS where her mom, grandma and aunts had a birthday party for her. Her mom's visiting rights were terminated back in April but beings both the CW and I have a soft spot in our hearts for mom we couldn't say no when she asked to see Luna. Luna did really well, she wasn't her normal happy, chatty self but she did allow her mom to hold her and fuss over her. We had a small celebration at supper time with just our little family. We had it a day early because this mom had so much on her mind she got the days mixed up. Thankfully Luna is too little to know better. In the evening my family came for family night and to celebrate Luna's birthday. By then she was a pro at blowing out the candles!

I can't post any pictures of the birthday parties we had for Luna because she is on every single one!

The first week of school is now history. Tristan said his teacher makes learning seem like play so he thinks he will have a good year. Kiana and Joseph love their teacher although Miss Kiana needed to have some time talking with Daddy in order to understand that the teacher is boss and must be obeyed. The stress of beginning school brought out some big feelings for Joseph. Not necessarily a bad thing beings it forced us to work through some more layers of fear and grief.

God has faithfully been reminding me of his love and care as I go through my days. In regards to some of the feelings of inadequacy I experience, He gave me this quote:  " God uses and chooses those who are willing."

I often struggled with all the times we "lost" a battle when dealing with trauma. Then I heard someone say this: "It is more important to come to the end of life victorious than to win every battle."

and for the times I felt like my load was extra heavy....
Be thankful for the thorns, they help us realize the beauty of the rose.

An update on Braden: Miss Sharon said she wants to try building a relationship with him. The other methods they tried to help him begin healing were just not working. Miss Sharon hopes that if she can get him to care for her he will be inspired to work on healing.

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