Thursday, August 15, 2013

Busy Hands

                                               These little brown hands are so busy.....
                   .... cleaning out my purse looking for "dum"
                     ..... taking the caps off the chap stick tubes so she can bite chunks off
                ....... taking the wheels off big brothers match box toys
                   ..... cleaning out mom and dad's dresser drawers
                    ...... wrapping little hands and arms around my neck and saying, "luv you!"
          ..... picking all the pieces of corn from her casserole and laying them on the table
                   ..... finding the "PaulB man" on the back of daddy's work shirts
                  ..... they learned to open doors so now she can go where she pleases
                  ..... picking up toys and putting them away    
              ...... pushing chairs to the counter then climbing up and help herself to candy
                   .... carrying daddy's lunch in when he comes home from work
                ... rocking her babies while singing, "Here Comes The Bible Train"

                     Today Luna's CW worker is coming out for her monthly visit. Ever since our "interview" with BCCYS I am a tad bit intimidated by them. Especially since we need to discuss a few new things that have come up since her last visit. Thankfully Dean agreed to come home and join me for our little meeting as I lose my train of thought very quickly when I am nervous.

                                       New crayons and coloring books are so much fun!

I put the children's crayons and books away over the summer. I like when they go outside and play when the weather is nice. School shopping brought on the urge to color again so out came the tote of supplies once more. Luna had a blast, all those crayons just waiting to have the tips bit off! Kiana and Joseph were not at all impressed.  How do you help a child who presses down way to hard while coloring but when using a pencil barely scratches the paper? Is it a sensory issue or am I once more seeing red flags where there aren't any? For some reason I am  famous for thinking there is a problem when others pass it off as normal childhood behavior. Someone told me when you have a child with RAD you are suspicious of everything. That is me alright! 


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  1. Mark has a death grip on crayons etc. His OT recommended giving him broken pieces of crayons to help him grip correctly. (Although to be honest, the only time we use crayons/markers are with therapists...otherwise they end up in lots of places that they don't belong!)


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