Monday, August 12, 2013


Kiana doesn't have fifths disease, she has poison! I was giving her Benadryl yesterday and till bedtime I thought the rash looked better. This morning it looked awful. Her eye was swollen shut and her cheek was twice as big as yesterday. Her cheek and nose had a yellow crust on it that made me think of an infection. The doctor got us in at 10:45 this morning which worked out great cause Tristan had a 9:15 dentist app. Tristan got a clean bill of health and a card to schedule an appointment with the orthodontist. His teeth are crowded and he has an extra permanent tooth that needs to go. Onto the doctor... Kiana's poison got infected so the doctor put her on a whole bunch of meds. Steroids, anti inflammatory, Allegra, Motrin and a cream besides! Just have to keep everything straight and be sure I don't end up forgetting something.

We spent the whole week end at home, very unusual! Sunday afternoon I walked around the block. It is a 2 mile walk. Not very far but if you are as out of shape as I am it leaves you huffing! The children went for a quick dip in the pool after their naps. They have been begging to go swimming and I kept telling them it is too cold. Finally gave in and told them to have at it! They weren't out long before they came in shivering.

Tomorrow Tristan plans to go to my parents and spend a few days with them. Staying there is a highlight of his summer and he has been after me to plan something so he can go. The play area is a mess of weeds and junk. Dean told Tristan he may go to Grandpa's but that play ground needs to be cleaned up first. Tristan recruited Joseph and Kiana to help pull the weeds because there were way to many for him to pull himself. Least that was his opinion on the matter.

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