Thursday, August 8, 2013

Decisions, Dentists and School Shopping

I am certainly feeling much better since my last post. Thanks to everyone for all the encouragement and words of wisdom. One mom told me that sometimes God calls people to plant the seeds and others water and harvest the crop. That spoke to me! Another person said that if Braden would need to live elsewhere maybe there is a someone who will hear about God who wouldn't have other wise. The bottom line is: we need to make the decision and may not let anyone shame us or send us on a guilt trip for making the decision we do. Also, God is all powerful and he can take our muddled efforts and use them for his glory and maybe Braden will heal and reintegrate into our family with ease!

This morning I had Kiana and Joseph at the dentist once more. They both needed some more work done. Kiana did wonderful, Joseph was another story. I dreaded telling them they have to go back because I sensed they thought getting their teeth fixed was a once and done thing. Kiana cheered when I told her and Joseph didn't say much. I was relieved they took it so well. Joseph did pretty good while they gave the Novacain but there was no way he was letting the dentist put that drill in his mouth. We tried all the bribes we could think of. The dentist even promised him two airplanes, no luck. Kiana picked her prize out and Joseph was going to get his when I reminded him what the dentist said, No work, no airplane. He fussed and whined about that for awhile. He was royally bent out of shape cause they didn't give him an air plane anyway. He doesn't do well with the cause and effect thing. Usually if he misses out on something as a consequence he can be mad at mom n dad, this time he there wasn't much he could do. Dentist said all the cavities were small so he will wait a year and try again. Last time they did a pulpotomy (baby root canal). There is a temporary filling in that tooth and Joseph might get a bad tooth ache. If that happens we will take him to a pediatric dentist and have him sedated.

Last night Dean worked till 9:00 since I didn't have to have supper ready at a certain time I dove into other projects... shampooing the carpet and canning tapioca. Sort of ignorant to begin something 1/2 hour before your normal supper time. I am a very impulsive person in that respect. When I decide to do something I dive in with both feet then realize I should have put a little more thought into my project. Till then it is usually to late. Here is the recipe:

 Canned Tapioca
8 1/2 quarts water
6 cups small pearl tapioca
1/4 teaspoon salt
6 cups jello
6 cups sugar

Bring water to a boil and add tapioca and salt. Boil five minutes then remove from heat and let sit for 1/2 an hour. Add Jello and sugar and stir till dissolved. Put in jars and cold pack 10 minutes.
To serve add whipped cream and fresh fruit (orange jello & pineapple) (grape jello & red grapes) etc.

I was rushing around doing multiple things and I read 8 cups of water versus 8 quarts. Thankfully my tapioca didn't burn but when I dumped the sugar and jello into it I knew something was wrong! I added the rest of the water making sure it was good and hot then wished for the best. It actually turned out pretty good. Kiana shudders over it but everyone else likes it.

Kiana and Joseph got letters from their Kindergarden teacher today. They didn't open them yet as it is quiet time. I am sure they will be tickled! They are getting more excited as the days go by. Yesterday we went to buy some shoes and jeans for school. Shoe prices are ridiculous! I went to Vanity Fair in Reading hoping to find some bargains. The shoes were on sale but they still cost as much as I used to pay for a good pair of sneakers for myself. I think everyone is set now so bring on school ...... but not too fast as I still have things I want to do this summer.

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