Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hard Questions

If you had a child who had the potential to tear your family apart would you keep that child in your home or would you place "it" elsewhere? God gave you this child, "it" is your responsibility so he will help you through the tough times. Pray that God would give you the love and strength you and your other children need and he will do so, all we need to do is ask. If this is true, then why couldn't we meet Braden's needs at home? Wasn't my faith strong enough? Why were our children falling apart? Didn't we pray hard enough? If trials make you stronger should we have just kept on struggling along and prayed that our family would come through intact? My heart is full and over flowing with questions this morning! We felt we were doing what God wanted us to do when we placed Braden at TAP but what will we do if he doesn't heal? He will come home worse than when he left, can we handle that?


  1. I am so sorry...and it really seems there are no answers...but I do believe that even if a child ends up in residential care for life, that may still be preferable to the life they would've lived without a family's intervention...but perhaps I'm trying to rationalize to much...

  2. I think that is a decision you and only you can make. For some it is their life journey to soldier on and survive the hard times. For others its their journey to let go and grieve.
    Sometimes "failing" (in our opinion, not Gods) is the journey that God has us on.
    I dont think the final result of does the child stay or go is a measure of faith. I think faith is measured by our endurance in the journey when we dont know the outcome, by our obedience to God when we dont understand, by doing what God wants for us and not worrying about what people think.

  3. I started to type a long comment...but I'm going to message you on fb instead.

  4. I have no answers to these hard questions...just know that we're praying! {{hugs}}


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