Sunday, August 11, 2013

Yesterday I noticed Kiana had a rash on her face. I thought it was poison and didn't give it another thought until Dean asked where she would have found poison. Good question, she spent most of her time indoors this week and haven't been somewhere that she would have played in it. Last evening her eye began to swell and she complained that it was sore. I looked up "childhood skin problems" and found a picture of a child with fifth's disease. His face looked just like Kiana's. This morning she could scarcely open her one eye. We ended up staying home from church and listening to the service from our sofa. Fifth's disease is very contagious before the rash breaks out and I didn't want to spread it around.

She wanted to go along with Dean when he fed the animals this morning. Excuse her choice of clothing!

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  1. So long as it's not a bite of some sort...just a note, I had 5th disease when my children did...fine lacey rash all over me...my children just had the "face slap" I felt awful, the children did fine


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