Wednesday, August 21, 2013


We are spending the last week of summer vacation canning. On Monday a friend from church called to say she has extra corn. Would I be interested? It was already husked and she said since they are all set up, I shall just do it at her place. Two of her sisters in law were there as well and they stayed and helped me cut my corn off. So in 2 1/2 hours time I had 44 quarts of corn! I brought it home and put it directly into the freezer. I felt very blessed!
  Today the children and I did 4 boxes of tomatoes. I made them all into juice and soup. I added some cooked carrots when I ran my tomatoes through the juicer. Yet another way to get more veggies in our diets. I only added them to the plain juice as I was afraid you would be able to taste them in the soup. I also canned some peppers. I mixed Jalapeno and Bell peppers and added dill mix. My neighbor told me she does them that way and they are delicious on sandwiches. Tristan ran all the tomatoes through the juicer for me. He loved that job. He wasn't quite as impressed with his next job.... babysitting Luna. Once when she was once more hanging on my skirt and I had to call him yet again to come get her, he grumbled, "She is into EVERYTHING!" I sometimes wonder how we ever managed three 2 year old's when Luna keeps me constantly on my toes. Dean doesn't think our others were quite as busy as she is, either that or I am getting old! :)

Joseph was the go-for boy. He saved me a lot of steps today

Kiana's job was to keep the bowl full of diced tomatoes for Tristan to juice.

Juice and soup boiling merrily away. Smelled yummy!

Peppers I canned. I didn't do many in case we don't like them. 

....and last but not least, sealed jars of tomatoes! They all sealed except one jar of soup which we enjoyed for supper. The children thought it was so good. They certainly felt a sense of satisfaction for all their hard work.

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  1. Your house looks very neat while doing tomatoes...inside no less! is that a PaulB strainer? It looks more sturdy than mine...mine keeps coming loose while cranking and I'm afraid someone will get hurt w/ hot apple sauce


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