Tuesday, September 10, 2013


                                Archery season is just around the corner. Time to get some practice!

Yesterday Joseph needed to stay by my side due to some poor choices he was making.  We spent a lot of time working together. Being together helped with the bonding and gave me opportunities to praise his efforts. Last night we had our first night of Revivals. Joseph was once more making poor choices so he and I hung out in the sewing closet and talked. He wants to go live with his birth mom so badly. I told him I don't know where she lives and he said, "Yes you do, you took us from her!" Aha! I explained how the process works when a child is removed and I saw a little anger drain from his face. All this time he thought I took him from his birth mom, no wonder he was angry with me! We are thankful for each layer of pain we can chip away.

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